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What is a Grundy?

If you haven’t seen the brewhouse at Old 690 simply ask one of our Old 690 brewery experts for a tour and look at what may be some of the oldest brew tanks this side of the Mississippi. Our tanks are called “Grundys”.  Sometimes described as “the Tin Lizzie” or “the Model T of tanks”, these UK built cellar tanks were produced in the 1950’s -1960’s and were used in almost every part of the brewing process back in the day. They are used for fermentation and the conditioning stages here at Old 690. Come see how these relics make great Old 690 beer!


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Billy’s Beer and BBQ Fest – Fireman’s Field Purcellville VA – June 4th

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At Fireman’s Field in Purcellville VA on June 4th 2016, Old 690 Brewing Company is proud to bring you a benefit Craft Beer festival called “Billy’s Beer and BBQ Fest”. All proceeds from this event will go to a great man, friend and local community member named Billy Grey. For those of you that don’t know him, Billy has been bound to a wheel chair since the age of 15 due to an unfortunate accident and has had to adjust to the many tough things that quadriplegic patients have to adjust to in life. There’s one thing for certain that you will notice about Billy when you meet him and that is if you didn’t see Billy sitting in his chair you wouldn’t ever guess that he was bound to one as he is one of the most care free and positive human beings that anyone has ever met. He enjoys almost every part of life that we all enjoy…family, friends, music, and of course great beer!
Our great friend was unfortunatley involved in another terrible accident that left him on life support for almost an entire month where he was fighting for his life. After receiving a tracheotomy and feeding tube, he was moved trom Lansdowne Hospital to the medical center at UVA where he continued to fight while under their great care. After several weeks of healing by the grace of god with his strong family and group of friends praying around him, he was able to finally breath on his own and come home to Purcellviille VA. Billy still has a long way to go and will not be able to return to work for quite some time as he has many months of rehabilitation ahead of him. His loving wife Shannon will also not be able to work and with the mounting medical bills we wanted to help. With your support and the support of the great craft beer and food loving community, we hope to raise enough money to help put a dent in this hardship. So come on out and enjoy some of the best breweries and food vendors in the region to help Billy get back to his normal. At this event you can enjoy unlimited tastings with your ticket and possibly find a new favorite brew this June.
Billy’s Beer and BBQ Fest will take place in the heart of the Purcellville VA at historic Fireman’s Field, on Saturday June 4th, 2016. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event.

100 x VIP tickets ($100 per ticket) will be sold which will get you festival access and tastings starting one hour before general admission, a special t-shirt, commemorative tasting glass, fenced VIP area with seating and a special VIP included lunch buffet. VIP access also includes the option to both taste several local BBQ vendors and to vote for the Best BBQ vendor in Northern Virginia. You will also have a special one hour private musical show by Nathaniel Davis.
1900 x Genral Admission tickets ($40 pre-purchased and $60 the day of) will be sold which will get you general admission starting at noon and a commemorative tasting glass.

Live music wil continue from Noon to 5pm and many great food trucks will be present pairing up some delicious eats with the fantastic craft beer.

Kids and designated drivers enter for FREE!

The Old 690 Crew and Friends look forward to seeing you this June. Please tell your friends to come out and support a great cause and a great man. Billy will hopefully feel well enough to be at the fest with the rest of us!!

Please send any questions to fest@old690.com.

TICKETS:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/billys-beer-and-bbq-fest-tickets-24945791534